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A world we can create together. I invite you to visit it. In Fantasy, unicorns coexist with fishermen, giraffes with vampire cats, everything you can imagine.


Although this is my livelihood, I want to share some of my patterns with you, because knitting relaxes us, evades us and helps us to be happy.


Why? How? And if …? If you want to answer these questions, here are some answers and also some of the patterns of my favorite designers crocheted by me.


As a child they told me: If you are going to do something, do it well. So here I leave you some of the things that I have been learning over the years. P.S. Comment how you do it, because I love to learn 🙂

Hi! I’m Salome.
I invite you to explore the Amigurumi World with me.

All stories should start the same: “Once upon a time…”
…a city girl who moved to the country to make her dream come true. Yes, as you hear, beyond various allergies and insect bites, she moved to a little house near the forest next to the river, surrounded by dogs, so she could crochet on the porch. I think there is nothing better or that I like more.
In these landscapes I can imagine a fantasy world to which, sometimes, I can fly with my imagination.
Economic and Business Sciences turned out to be “boring”, so, although the principles are hard, being able to dedicate myself to designing amigurumis and teaching what I know is worth it.
I’m going to tell you my secret (SHHHHHHH):

Happiness is being able to dedicate your time to what you like, even if it’s just for a little while.

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Crochet news, beautiful amigurumis, free patterns, knitting news and much more.

Bianca, the little amigurumi mouse

The Amigurumi Mouse by Cucapuntoes Bianca lives in a small burrow excavated among the roots of a huge walnut tree that is in the middle of the sheep pasture area of a huge farm […]
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unicornio amigurumi arco iris

Teo, amigurumi unicorn

Amigurumi unicorn by Cucapuntoes Teo appeared one spring morning on the Tea River, along with his 8 little brothers. All so small that they could not yet open their eyes. They were floating on the…
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Fenix amigurumi, l’oiseau de feu

Fenix, the amigurumi fire bird

This beautiful fiery-feathered creature nestles in a rose bush on top of a mountain, from which the entire horizon can be seen around. The rose bush is always full of white roses scented with…
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Kuma, the amigurumi bear

Amigurumi Bear by Cucapuntoes

Amigurumi bear by Cucapuntores. Kuma is a chubby and loving brown bear, with large black eyes and a deep gaze, somewhat sleepy, perhaps because he is quite sleepy…
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Samain, black amigurumi cat

Halloween amigurumi cat by Cucapuntoes Samain was born on a full moon night, the night of October 31. Perhaps because it is such a magical night, the color of his fur is black, or perhaps…
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